Monday, December 27, 2010

Come visit me!

Only one week left of break before I go back to school, I just want to stay in San Francisco where I don't have to bike in the freezing cold >.< Speaking of which, theres a contest at chictopia right now where the prize includes a trip to the best city ever, San Francisco =) It's Kmart's winter wonderland contest and its the perfect contest to show off your winter outfits and chic ways of staying warm and cozy!

On another note, I exchanged my heels I got from chic rewards at JC Penney recently, I'm glad I was able to exchange them. The 6.5 fit much better and I wore them along with a silver bodycon dress and a blazer to my grandma's birthday dinner!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

celeb fashion

Hey sorry I still haven't put up any actual outfits of mine...pretty pathetic considering this is supposed to be primarily my fashion blog. However, here are some of my opinions on celebrity outfits and such^^
Yahoo claims Selena Gomez commited a huge fashion faux pas but I have to disagree! I think the dress is rather pretty, I love the flowyness and and the sequins. Her hair looks very pretty and beachy to match her dress too. I have to agree with yahoo about the makeup though. It looks way too caked on and pasty. I might've worn different shoes  too. The black pumps seem a little too strict for the whimsical outfit.
Heres the always fashion forward kpop group 2NE1. This is actually rather toned down compared to their other outfits but I really like it. Black and white are classic for a reason, it never gets old and can still make a statement! I also like how they each have their own style despite all using black and white. CL (the blonde) has a fantastic bold and warrior-like feel to her outfit while Bom (the redhead) has an elegant and girly outfit. 

Thats about it, what do you all think about these outfits?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

chictopia fun!

I just got home for winter break after taking my finals and found lovely packages waiting for me. One was the blazer I got from a fellow chictopian for 10 dollars through chic swap and another was my chic reward: the Olsenboye 4-inch black pumps! I love both of them and it totally made my day =) The shoes are a bit big, it was probably better to get a 6.5 instead of a 7 but it works. On the up side, the pumps are pretty comfortable considering they are 4 inches! Maybe I can actually wear them for more than 5 minutes xD I am looking forward to styling an outfit with these two items^^

Speaking of Olsenboye, they are having a contest on chictopia! They are looking for a fashionable city girl to be the face of olsenboye, isn't that amazing? This is one of the main reasons I love chictopia, it always has so many great contests going on and I love looking at people's entries! Maybe I will enter myself if I can put together something brilliant =) For those who are interested, heres the link:

Thanks for listening to my rambles, its much appreciated dear reader. Now I will offer you a stereotypical internet cookie, not so delicious but it is the thought that counts yeah? Also, I know I haven't posted any pictures so far as nothing has been relevant so I will give you a random one at the end of this blog post. Oh and if I feel ambitious enough, I will try to make a more appealing layout but I will have to muddle through html/css/whatever tutorials...
JUMP FOR JOY! whenever you can =)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

First impressions

Hello World! Or at least the few obscure people who happen to stumble on this blog. Since I have no idea where in the world you are located, "world" is a perfectly appropriate way to address you right? Anyway, I thought as part of my brilliant plan to fail all my finals by procrastinating, I would start this blog after already wasting 2 hours watching a movie with my roommate =) oh and before that I stuffed my face at my friend's birthday brunch. Now the sky is getting dark and I'm freaking out a bit about not having cracked open my textbook yet but I'm sure it will turn out alright...I hope. So random people reading my blog, this is the first impression you get of me, what do you think? If I seem a little weird...well I think thats fairly accurate. On a slightly different note, what were you doing while reading this blog? also slacking off? I'm right aren't I?