Saturday, December 11, 2010

chictopia fun!

I just got home for winter break after taking my finals and found lovely packages waiting for me. One was the blazer I got from a fellow chictopian for 10 dollars through chic swap and another was my chic reward: the Olsenboye 4-inch black pumps! I love both of them and it totally made my day =) The shoes are a bit big, it was probably better to get a 6.5 instead of a 7 but it works. On the up side, the pumps are pretty comfortable considering they are 4 inches! Maybe I can actually wear them for more than 5 minutes xD I am looking forward to styling an outfit with these two items^^

Speaking of Olsenboye, they are having a contest on chictopia! They are looking for a fashionable city girl to be the face of olsenboye, isn't that amazing? This is one of the main reasons I love chictopia, it always has so many great contests going on and I love looking at people's entries! Maybe I will enter myself if I can put together something brilliant =) For those who are interested, heres the link:

Thanks for listening to my rambles, its much appreciated dear reader. Now I will offer you a stereotypical internet cookie, not so delicious but it is the thought that counts yeah? Also, I know I haven't posted any pictures so far as nothing has been relevant so I will give you a random one at the end of this blog post. Oh and if I feel ambitious enough, I will try to make a more appealing layout but I will have to muddle through html/css/whatever tutorials...
JUMP FOR JOY! whenever you can =)

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