Saturday, December 18, 2010

celeb fashion

Hey sorry I still haven't put up any actual outfits of mine...pretty pathetic considering this is supposed to be primarily my fashion blog. However, here are some of my opinions on celebrity outfits and such^^
Yahoo claims Selena Gomez commited a huge fashion faux pas but I have to disagree! I think the dress is rather pretty, I love the flowyness and and the sequins. Her hair looks very pretty and beachy to match her dress too. I have to agree with yahoo about the makeup though. It looks way too caked on and pasty. I might've worn different shoes  too. The black pumps seem a little too strict for the whimsical outfit.
Heres the always fashion forward kpop group 2NE1. This is actually rather toned down compared to their other outfits but I really like it. Black and white are classic for a reason, it never gets old and can still make a statement! I also like how they each have their own style despite all using black and white. CL (the blonde) has a fantastic bold and warrior-like feel to her outfit while Bom (the redhead) has an elegant and girly outfit. 

Thats about it, what do you all think about these outfits?


  1. I like her dress (although I would have to agree w/ you about the makeup) & the really dark haired girl in the second picture has an amazing coat.

  2. i love 2ne1, im a fan :3

    followed your blog btw~ :D

  3. nice blog!